10 Steps to prepare your house to sell!

  1. Curb appeal – Trim back bushes and trees that block the view of your house and keep grass trim and free of debris.
  2. Entry – Oil the door hinges, locks and make sure the latches work properly. A creaky door or problems with locks may give a buyer an unsettling feel. You might want to consider painting the front door red or black to add value as well.
  3. Closets – overstuffed closets can skew a buyers opinion of the house. It is best to have your closet’s half full to give the illusion of being larger.
  4. Paint – Fresh paint on the walls increase values considerably. Stick to neutral colors, semi-gloss, tan and gray are pretty safe bets.
  5. Depersonalize – You want potential buyers to picture yourself in the home, not your family. Place family photo’s in storage for safe keeping.
  6. Replace light bulbs – Houses look worn down if there is a bulb out or missing and buyers may be turned off by dark areas of your house.
  7. Protect yourself – Strangers are going to be entering your house! Keep jewelry, guns, prescription medicine and any other valuables stored safely away out of sight!
  8. Move furniture – Push furniture against the walls to make your home look more open and clear doorways from any obstructions. People will be more interested in buying your home if they are able to walk through it comfortably.
  9. Keep it clean – The cleaner the house is the more likely it will sell for full asking price. Keep free ofclutter, vacuum carpeting, sweep hard floor surfaces, keep trash cans less than half full. You might want to get vanilla or cinnamon plug in deodorizers for your kitchen and bathrooms.
  10. City inspection – If your city requires an inspection to sell your house order it right away! It sometimes takes a few weeks depending on how busy the city inspectors are.
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