Useful Services

Below is a list of local services that could be helpful for future movers and home-owners Downriver.  I have either worked with these people or have witnessed their work personally:


Corrie Dye-Hale, John Adams Mortgage

(734) 678-5626          NMLS #533537
Very knowledgeable and friendly!


Ashley Bono, InsuranceOne

(734) 255-9817  
A company for every closing!


Michelle Shoaf, Capital Title

(734) 284-5400  


Stacey Gamblin, Capital Title

(734) 662-3380  


Sierra White, Flagstar Bank, Taylor

(313) 295-6426          NMLS #591442
I use Flagstar for my own banking needs! The branch on Pelham always has helpful and friendly staff!


Scott Bohn, CBS Construction

(313) 295-9060  
My family and I have been working with Scott, as long as I can remember, based in Taylor, his work is phenomenal!


Joe Seldon, Seldon Enterprise

(734) 678-5626  
Moving, Delivery, Lawn, Transportation and Waste Removal Service. I've known Joe for over 15 years, he's a good man and a hard worker!


Gary Stupyra, Licensed Bricklayer

(734) 620-2703  
I've used Gary myself to install glass block windows and tuck-point work around my house and planning more in the near future!


Kathy Young, Painter and Housekeeper

 (734) 678-5626        
She has painted my mom's house twice now, quality work and never a mess!


More to come...